Monday, December 26, 2005

Looking for Someone?

Maybe you read something on this blog a couple of weeks ago that you found interesting, but you don't want to browse through all the posts to find it. Or maybe you're looking for information about a particular person. It's possible to search this blog by using the search engine located in the "dashboard" at the top of the page (above the blog title). Enter the name (or other words) you're searching for in the white box on the left. Then click on 'SEARCH THIS BLOG." You should receive a list of entries for the name or subject you entered.

If you're searching for a particular person, here's a hint: Try searching by just first or last name. Some entries (such as many of the photo captions) use only a first or last name.

Also, please be aware that this search engine will not locate names that are included in a photo. For instance, all of the names listed below the ninth grade homeroom photos are actually part of the photo created by "stitching together" the photo and the text found in the Tychoberahn using my PhotoShop software to create a "photomerge." Copies of text and graphics from other sources (e.g., newspaper articles) are also photos.

Let me know if you have any questions about using this search engine, or if you encounter any problems using it.