Friday, February 10, 2006

1935 A Cappella Choir

In 1935, the United States was in the middle of the Great Depression. Drought had turned the Great Plains into a desert, creating the ecological disaster known as the Dust Bowl. During this period, hundreds of thousands of Oklahoma farmers migrated to California along Route 66. Californians called these migrants "Okies," a term made famous by John Steinbeck's novel "The Grapes of Wrath," published in 1939.

During the Depression, the publication of the Tychoberahn was suspended. Instead, The Madison Mirror published a magazine-format yearbook called the Orange and Black. It contained photos of graduating seniors, but very few photos of school activities. The photo below of the A Cappella Choir is one of the few group photos published in the 1935 Orange and Black.

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Here, reprinted from the Orange and Black's caption (so it's easier on the eyes), is a list of the people in the photo:

Front row: Bertha Sweet, Mildred Baldwin, Myrtle Foster, Ann Schaefer, June Thompson, Mary Gabbei, Dorothea Wright, Miss Huxtable, Carol Jaquish, Irene Schwarz, Cathryn Rosenberg, Betty Flynn, Marlene Waterman, Jo Ann Esch, Lu Marie Kelleher, Elizabeth McGahey, Ruth Werner, Josephine Justo. Second row: Kathleen Menoher, Marion Eifler, Lavon Anding, Mary Balthazor, Joe Justiliano, Joe Masino, Van John Beran, Elizabeth Rogers, Mary Gillett, Virginia Connor, Elizabeth Ludwig,. Third row: Ruth Rosenau, Mary Felker, Ida Tietelbaum, Virginia Hvam, Mary Alice Daniels, Tom Cuccia, Donald Dudley, Wiliam Scott, William Crane, Don Dilger, Max Victor, Frank Di Piazza, Albert Klossner, Gladys Smith, Dorothy Schackter, Virginia Bowes, Fourth row: Betty Ellen Hedquist, Opal Smith, Marguerite Sherman, Donald Maynard, Donald O'Toole, Russell O'Connor, Benjamin Henderson, Vernon Swenson, Charles Johnson, Arthur Wengel, Harold Eggers, Robert Burchette, Robert Barker, Nathan Bornstein, Gertrude Swanson, Miriam Martin, Doris Fish. Fifth row: Arlene Nehmey, Shirley Stickle, Evelyn Michaelson, Harriette Wright, Janet Houston, Alice Herrington.

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