Sunday, February 12, 2006

Centralites from the Thirties, Forties, and Fifties Photographed at the All Central Reunion at the VFW

History isn't just about names and faces from old yearbooks. It's also about people who are still with us -- people who have their own unique stories to tell us, their own pieces of history to share.

Pictured below are a few of the Central alumni from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s who attended the All Central Reunion on Sunday. While I didn't have time to talk to anyone in depth, I do have addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses, so I can do some follow-up interviews.

L. Genevieve Jackson graduated from Central in 1930. At 93, she was the oldest alumna at the All Central reunion.

Gloria Burmeister Murray graduated from Central in 1942.

On the left (in the white jacket) is Gordie McCann, who graduated from Central in 1944. On the right is Roberta Browning Baker, a 1952 alumna.

On the left is Paul Washington, Class of 1953. On the right is Ed Hill, Jr., Class of 1951.


RJ Daley said...

Nadine, thanks for setting up a nice blog for the Central H.S. grads. This year's all-class reunion was my first, and I had a great time seeing old friends.

Nadine said...

Janet Stevens emailed this addendum to the caption for the photo of Roberta Browning Baker (who happens to be Janet's aunt) and Gordie McCann:

"Sitting at the table from the far end to Amy: Mrs. Bob Marble, Bob Marble, Don't Know, Russ Allen "