Friday, February 24, 2006

Photos of the New High School (and one of the old) from the 1909 Tychoberahn

On page 10 of the 1909 Tychoberahn, the editors write that, "This is the first Annual to appear since we entered the new building. It is published by the first class to graduate from the new building: hence it is especially fitting that we should herein welcome the new era." The photos in this post are from the 1909 Tychoberahn.

The old high school building on Wisconsin Avenue (demolished in 1906 to make room for the new high school building, designed by architect Cass Gilbert)

"After two years of wandering, we are at last in the new building, which ranks as one of the best in the state."

Main entrance on Wisconsin Avenue, showing most of the "Central arch," today the last remaining vestage of the new high school building, which was demolished to make room for an MATC parking lot. To view a recent (February 2006) photo of the arch, taken by Aaron Kraus, click HERE to go to my February 19 post, then click on the phrase "as my flickr image title reflects" in the comments section.

This appears to be a view looking toward the Johnson Street side of the building. Note the absence of lockers in the hallway.

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