Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Seniors in Service

In 1946, the editors of the Madison Central High School yearbook (at that time called The Mirror) made a special effort to salute members of the Class of 1946 who had dropped out of school to join the military before the end of World War II.

Two pages of text and photos were dedicated to “Seniors in Service.” Those pages are reproduced below.

What happened to the “Seniors in Service” shown listed in the 1946 yearbook?

After some preliminary research, I know some came home. Arthur Disch, for instance, returned and raised a family. He died recently and you can find his obituary in the Alumni Obituaries Archives (see link on right). Edward Withers returned, graduated in 1947, and became an all-American defensive football player at the University of Wisconsin. Withers died in 1975. As for the others, perhaps members of the Class of 1946, who are holding a 60th reunion this year, will be good enough to contact me with updates and information about these men.

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Following is a list of the names of the men printed on these two yearbook pages. This should also make it easier for people using search engines to learn about this post. The "Seniors in Service" are Roscoe Ammerman, Robert Banker, Russell Bates, Richard Bavery, Leo Brey, Ronald Caucutt, William Collins, James Crary, Arthur Disch, William Elliott, Richard Frutiger, Phillip Hyslop, Richard Loshek, John Madden, Roy Martin, James Martin, Joe Mazarra, Edward Moran, Leo Mullarkey, Joseph Parisi, Gilbert Reis, Samuel Troia, Donald Wilcox, and Edward Withers.

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