Friday, February 17, 2006

The Way They Were: Central High School Faculty in 1953

Maybe these photos from the 1953 Tychoberahn show your former teachers just the way you remember them. Or perhaps they look much younger or older than you remember. It depends how old you are. But if you're still around, it's likely you encountered some of these teachers, regardless of what years you attended Madison Central High School

Beda Mackin, for instance, started teaching at Central in 1928, and continued to teach until 1966. Elizabeth Ritzmann began her career at Central in 1929, and continued to teach until her death in 1968.

You may double click on these two images to enlarge them in your browser window. Below each page image, I've listed the names of the teachers shown on that page in order to make this information accessible on search engines. Some names have links to obituaries. If you have information about any of the other teachers listed here, please contact me by email or leave a comment.

Pictured on this page from the 1953 Tychoberahn are Allen Argue, Benjamin Ashman, John Bond, Jean Bruins, Edward Colbert, Walter Fandrich, Regina Hein, Robert Herreid, Robert Kitto, Elsie Kind, Victor Lanning, Jess Lyon, Beda Mackin, Mary Jo McBride, Darleen McCormick, John McDowell, Florence Morris, Harriet Napiecinski, Margaret Pike, and Lucille Reid.

Pictured on this page from the 1953 Tychoberahn are Mildred Rieder, Robert Rieser, Elizabeth Ritzmann, Harold Rooney, Marguerite Shepard, Roland Sprecher, George Stockton, Robert Tottingham, Donald Wendt, Homer Winger, Donn Weiss, and Beatrice Wood. The list of teachers not pictured includes Duane Anderson, Merle Baldwin, Ruth Bartholomew, Vivian Carswell, Cecelia Gallagher, Ruth Grade, Anne Hankey, Ann Junginger, Lucy Krchma, Frank Lindl, Victoria IcIlquham, Elizabeth Perkins, Jane Roberts, Nita Roberts, William Slater, Maxine Tyonton, Marguertie Wojta, and S. Amelia Yeager.

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