Wednesday, March 29, 2006

An alumnus from the Class of 1960 discovers this blog and emails an update about himself

One of the things I'd hoped to accomplish when I started this history blog is beginning to happen. I wanted alumni of Madison Central High School (and their friends and relatives) to find this site and perhaps tell us what they were up to these days (alumni) or fill us in on the whereabouts and activities of alumni for whom we don't have much information (friends and relatives). Jim Kempfer (Class of 1960 found this blog and emailed the message below. I don't know if Jim intended his message to look a bit like a poem, or if the email system imposed its own special formatting on it. In any case, I've reprinted it just as I received it.

what a great site!
just stumbled upon it!
looked up the name of our yearbook; and there it was.
graduated in 1960.
name is james kempfer.
had sibs; that went there to.
lavonne;tom; and gail
also relatives; bambrough;clifcorn;and opheim
live in north carolina; and never been to a re-union yet.
plan on it next feb.
what day is it?
keep up the good work.
the past is hard to forget; and such a good web-site.
love you for it.
as ever;
jim kempfer(my 50th is in 4 years)

The answer to Jim's question about the annual all-Central reunion organized by Rich Bennett is in my January 13, 2005 post on the Class of 1965 blog. Here's a reprint of the relevant paragraph:

From the beginning, Rich says he decided to make it easy for Centralites to remember when and where the reunion will be held each year. It's always at the same place (the VFW on Lakeside Street), always on the same day (the Sunday before Valentine's Day), and always starts at the same time (noon).

Several other alumni have also sent emails and I'll be posting their messages within the next few days, so be sure you check back occasionally.

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