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The Madison High School Football Squad of 1905

According to the report on "The Football Season of 1905," printed on pages 66-67 of the 1906 Tychoberahn, the Madison High School Football team was not only undefeated, it registered shutouts against all its opponents. Here are the scores:

October 14, 1905: defeated Sun Prairie 80-0
October 21, 1905: defeated Lodi 64-0
November 4, 1905: defeated Darlington 62-0
November 18, 1905: defeated Baraboo 35-0 "in the most brilliant victory of the season."

The Tychoberahn's report on that game also says that, "The way McCarthy's machine ran over, around, through, and under the opposing team, brought joy to the hearts of Madison rooters and a strange quietude and dignified solemnity to the supporters of Baraboo."

There was one addition game scheduled that season, but it was not played. Here's the explanation provided by the Tychoberahn: "Janesville was scheduled for the following Saturday [after the Lodi game], but through some mis-understanding the game was called off. The excuse given by our opponents was that Janesville had 'a better proposition' for that date. Probably 'an easier proposition' would have suited the situation better."

Here is the caption for the team photo as printed in the Tychoberahn. Please note that the numbering system starts from the back, which means the "first row" is the back row and the "fourth row" is the front row.

Reading from left to right,

First Row: Perry Fess (sub), William Hammersley (right half-back), Basil Casey (center), Alfred Buser (right guard), Fred Vater (left guard), Edward Trainor (left tackle), Edwin Koch (sub), Leslie Oldham (sub).

Second Row: Charles H. McCarthy (coach), Thomas Malone (sub), Edwin Moll (captain and left half-back), Mandus Scott (sub), Edward Fisher (manager).

Third row: Andrew Munsell (full back), James Dean (left end), Walter Wellman (sub.), Everett French (right tackle).

Fourth Row: Walter Replinger (quarter back), George Wilderman (mascot), Joseph Hausmann (right end).

Alfred Buser (Class of 1907) went to the University of Wisconsin and was captain of the 1912 football team which was undefeated in the Western Conference. Fred Vale may have attended Marquette University and played basketball there. Walter Wellman graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1912.

If you have any additional information about any of the men in this photograph, please contact me.

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