Tuesday, March 07, 2006

"We have the Stetson Soft and Derby Hats in all the latest styles"


"Students of the Madison High School, and all dear readers of this Annual will confer an everlasting favor upon us by patronizing OUR ADVERTISERS. Were it not for them, the '06 Tychoberahn either could not have been issued, or would have been inferior to what it now is. See that some return is made the merchants for the interest they have show in the High School."

Shown above are two of the 26 pages of advertisements published in the 1906 Tychoberahn. Of particular interest is the one from Olson and Veerhusen. Thus far in my research, it appears that O&V is the only Madison business to purchase ads in every edition of the Tychoberahn. I know some of you probably worked at O&V. Please share a memory. Leave a comment.

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D Strand said...

The first organized baseball team that I played on was O&V Boys Shop. We had red and white jerseys, played at Central practice field in the summer of 1958, I believe, Art Masshardt was our coach and Dave Melum our star player. I could tick off our starting line-up still! I was always fond of O&V after that until they closed their doors around 1965.