Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Madison Guy Blogs

Guy Madison used to set my pre-teen heart aflutter, but Wild Bill Hickok didn't attend Central.

Madison Guy, however, is a Central alumnus and he blogs. Madison Guy is also among the many bloggers who prefer to remain anonymous until they retire (or receive an enormously lucrative book deal). While Madison Guy hasn't written about Central yet, he tells me he'll probably touch on the subject eventually.

Madison Guy sometimes writes about politics, but he also writes about balancing eggs on Equinox Day and "Keeping quotation marks in their place." The latter post has a link to a blog grammar and punctuation mavens will enjoy: the "Blog" of "Unncessary" Quotation Marks.

Madison Guy's blog is "Letter from Here." I've added a new category for links to alumni blogs to the sidebar. Madison Guy is the first entry.

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