Friday, June 09, 2006

Central alumni at Festa Italia: Part 2 of 3

Maybe they'd already eaten. Or maybe they were waiting until later. In any case, I wasn't having much success hanging around the food stand waiting for Central alumni to stop by for an Italian sausage. And then there was the name tag problem. People wear name tags at reunions, not at festivals. Maybe there were dozens of Central alumni walking right past me, but because they weren't decked out in school colors and weren't wearing name tags, I wasn't picking them out of the crowd.

Bill McDonald suggested I head to the beer tent to look for "Buffo," who could probably point to lots of unfamiliar faces and identify them as Centralites.

It was a good suggestion, and it produced results. It wasn't until I returned home, recovered from my sunburn, and downloaded my photos that I discovered a serious problem: all the photos I took in the beer tent were tinted red, a foreshadowing of what was happening to my scalp. I tried to use my photo editing program to tone down the reds, but the best I could do was make everyone appear as though they'd bathed in Dijon mustard. What to do?

I could omit my photo of "Buffo" and fret about my future, or bring in a consultant. The latter idea seemed to be the most reasonable. So I prevailed on a witty, erudite fellow alumnus who knows a lot more about color photography than I do (and, no, not the one formerly known as "Skip"), and received the following feedback about a sample photo catastrophe I'd enclosed with my entreaty for help:

"That's the problem with color photography -- it's so literal about colors in situations where our eyes adapt naturally, resetting our internal "white balance" so we don't even see the coloration caused by the light source (in this case, the red stripes on the roof of the tent, which are casting a strong reddish cast on everything)."

Along with the feedback, the consultant offered several options for trying to salvage by beer tent photos. I liked the last one best:

"Go for the arty black and white look and convert it to black and white (grayscale) in your photo editor."

I did. It worked. I liked the results. So here they are:

From left to right: Ed Corcoran (Class of 1960); Dr. Dan Maldne (not an alumnus, but definitely a member of the Italian Workmen's Club); and Joe "Buffo Cerniglia (Class of 1953), who also was kind enough to write down everyone's name and affiliation -- another reason to stay on his good side. Joe also pointed out the next couple and told me they were also Central alumni.

John Cuccia (Class of 1960) and Pat Donner Cuccia (Class of 1961)

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D Strand said...

Pat Donner Cuccia looks very young for her age!