Wednesday, June 28, 2006

You can't remember this (unless you're at least a centenarian)

Before the Cass Gilbert-designed building we all remember was built, this is what the building housing Central High School (then called Madison High School) looked like. Built in 1873 (and doubled in size by an addition in 1888), this building occupied the same location on Wisconsin Avenue as its successor. It was demolished in 1906 when construction began on the new building. Gerhard Ellerkamp (Class of 1966) provided the photo below, which according, to the note near the top, was taken in 1902. There's no indication of the photographer's name.

The "new" school building did not open until 1908, so, according to the 1907 Tychoberahn, the classes were split up during the construction period. The freshman class was housed in the "new" Doty School 0n the corner of West Wilson and South Broom Streets (the building is still there, but has been converted to condominiums). The sophomores and juniors were in the "most beautiful" building, the "new" public library on North Carroll Street (torn down when the library building on West Mifflin Street was built). The seniors studied in the combined engine house and police station (I'm still trying to determine the exact location of this building).

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