Sunday, July 16, 2006

Making this blog work better for all of us

I've made some design and layout changes to the blogs to make them more searchable and a bit less cluttered looking.

The search box in the upper left corner of the blog has never worked very well, so I've added an option that works much better -- if you follow the simple instructions. You'll find a Google search box in the column on the right, preceded by some instructions about how to search. I've been testing it, and it seems to do a good job of locating names (of people, places, events) included in the blog text.

One hint: try using just a first or last name rather than a complete name -- e.g, use Walt or Disney, not Walt Disney. The reason for searching this way is that sometimes people are listed only by their first or last name. If you enter Walt Disney, for instance, you'll get only posts that contain both names (but of course, with the exception of this post, the guy who gave us the Mickey Mouse Club, doesn't appear on any of the Madison Central High School blogs -- so don't tell me you tried to search for him and didn't get any results).

I've also streamlined the archives listings. Instead of a long archives list, I've created a pull-down menu that takes up a lot less space. You'll find it near the bottom of the column on the right.

Never used the archives? Don't know what they are? The archives are a month-by-month grouping of posts. For instance, if you use the pull-down menu and click on December 2005, you'll see a page will see a page with all the posts for that month on a single page.

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