Friday, November 24, 2006

New and improved blog search engine

I've been disappointed with the results from the Google search feature I had installed in the right hand column in order to make it easier to search this blog. It was more interested in searching all of cyberspace than focusing on the contents of this blog.

Now, I've replaced it with a Technorati search engine. Its appearance isn't quite a fetching as that of its predecessor, but I think you'll find it is much more effective at locating people or subjects. If, for instance, you want to read all the posts that mention Beda Mackin just type her name in the search box and "Voila!" Technorati will show you a list with links. If you type in a date, e.g., 1960, it will show you a list of links to posts that contain that date.

You'll find the Technorati search engine in the right hand column under the list of links to web sites for other Madison schools. Have fun!

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