Monday, February 26, 2007

A new location for alumni photos

I'm going to start migrating alumni photos (such as the one shown here) to a special Flickr account, so it will become easier to locate and view them The account name is "Madison, Wisconsin CHS Alumni" and you may access it by clicking HERE. There is also a Flickr badge for the account near the bottom of the right hand column. This is in addition to (and separate from) the Class of 1966 Flickr account which also has a badge on this blog. If you click on any image on the badges, you will also be taken to that Flickr account.

Right now, the alumni Flickr account has 19 photos from the 2006 All-Central Reunion. I will keep you advised of my progress in posting photos to this account.

If you wish to leave comments on any public Flickr account, you must have your own Flickr account. A basic account is free -- and you're not even required to post any photos.

Update: On 3/3/2007, I added photos from the 2007 All-Central Reunion and Class of 1956 reunion to the "Madison, Wisconsin CHS Alumni" Flickr account.

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