Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Remembering the co-captains of the 1954 Madison Central High School football team

Last April, I wrote a post about my visit to the open house at the Italian Workmen's Club on Regent Street, but I didn't have time or space to write about everything I saw and learned during my visit. As a historian, I was fascinated by all the clippings from local newspapers that were on display. Microfilm is better than nothing, but too often, the images it delivers are scratched and poorly focused. That's why I took a few photos of newspaper clippings, hoping the resultant images would be a bit easier to see, albeit far from perfect.

Below is a photo of one clipping that caught my attention: A captioned photo of the co-captains of the 1954 Madison Central High School football team:

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The date on the clipping is Thursday, December 2, 1954. The name of the newspaper isn't available, but judging by the typeface, I suspect it's the Wisconsin State Journal.

Here's what the caption says: "The Bank of Madison held its first annual banquet for the Madison Central high school football team Wednesday night in the Belmont hotel, and Bob Gingrass, top center in the picture above, was the main speaker. Others in the picture, left to right, are Coach Harold Pollock, Co.-Capt. Dick Harris, Vice-Pres. Theodore Meloy of the Bank of Madison, Co.-Capt. and Most Valuable player, Louis Cassini."

Note: The link for Dick Harris (a.k.a. Richard A. Harris, Ph.D.) will take you to the first page of a three-page article about Harris from "The People's Stories of South Madison," posted on line as part of the State of Wisconsin Collection. Use the page arrows near the top of the screen to navigate through the collection and read Richard's entire story.

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