Monday, July 30, 2007

Class of 1937 yearbook available on Flickr

As part of my ongoing effort to write a history of Madison Central High School, I've been acquiring copies of the school yearbooks. Most of the ones I have are hardbound and are not easily scanned or photocopied.

However, I recently acquired a copy of The Orange and Black yearbook for the Class of 1937. During the 1930s and the Great Depression, publication of the Tychoberahn was suspended. Instead of 100+ pages, the yearbooks from the 1930s tend to have about 40 pages. Because the pages are stapled rather than bound, it was fairly easy for me to scan them without damaging anything.

I've scanned all 36 pages of the 1937 edition of The Orange and Black, plus the front and back covers (both inside and out) and posted them on the Central Alumni Flickr account. You may view each page individually, or click on the set and use the slide show option.

The resolution on my scanner is not high, but it seems to be acceptable for this project. The yearbook pages were slightly wider than the scanner screen, but I've done my best to capture everything on the page. The only things you may not be able to read are some of the autographs (like all the yearbooks I've acquired, this one is "pre-owned," but because there are so many autographs, I haven't been able to determine the owner's name).

Please let me know what you think of this online yearbook. Eventually, I would like all of the Madison Central High School yearbooks to be available online -- and to be indexed as well. Indexing is expensive, as are server charges: That's why I'm experimenting with Flickr as a low cost, interim option. A generous donation from the Class of 1956 is helping to pay the annual cost of the now upgraded Flickr account. The upgrade allows for an unlimited number of photos and sets. Prior to the upgrade, the account was limited to 200 photos and 3 sets.


Morrick said...

Thanks for doing such a great job compiling all of this information. It brought my husband great joy viewing your site. He has fond memories of Madison Central. I'd like to purchase copies of 1954-56 yearbooks as a gift to him. He was in the graduating class of 1956. If you have any for sale, please contact me at
Mrs. Ronald Morrick

Anonymous said...

Nadine I wonder if you might help me--------I need a listing of Central High graduates for the years '62 thru '70 . If you have such listings would you e-mail the info to