Thursday, April 24, 2008

Central Students speak out on behalf of their high school in a 1967 advertisement in The Capital Times

Sometimes when I'm browsing through microfilms and databases, I stumble across something unexpected -- such as an ad that appeared in The Capital Times on May 13, 1967 protesting the closing of Madison Central High School.

If you want to read the names of the students who sponsored the ad, click on the image below to enlarge it in your browser window. In order to publish the image on this blog, I had to convert it from a PDF to a JPG file, so some of the resolution has been lost. If you want a copy of the PDF (which you may be able to enlarge even more than the JPG) and your e-mail server lets you accept very large attachments (up to 5MG), I'll be glad to send you one.

Note: Look closely and you'll also see a reunion notice for the Class of 1952. It's just above the advertisement.